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March is for the Birds

March is for the birds! Ugh, Isn’t March the endless month? Its windy and wet and all I can think about is when is spring coming!?!?! I was trying to figure out how to brighten up the month and then it came to me, more colorful paintings of course!

I’m going to make a cheery colorful bird artwork every day in March! Want to join me? I’ve teamed up with the Point Beach Arts Committee to host a 31 day art challenge! You can draw, paint, sculpt, collage, photograph, film, or write about birds! Make as much or as little art as you want. Just have fun.

Tag @melissahoodart and @pointbeacharts on Instagram and we will share your artwork in stories. All artforms are welcome. Let’s make march fly by (pun intended, I couldn’t resist.) You can make 1 bird or 31 birds. It’s all up to you, I’ll share them all. Have fun, be creative, tag me.

Do you want to share the work too? Let’s use #MarchBirdArt to find each other’s beautiful bird creations.

I cant wait to see what you do!!

Not an artist? That's ok! You can enjoy this project by following along on Facebook and Instagram! Did you know that when you like, comment, share, and save my content it is free for you but invaluable to me! So please, when you see my feed stop scrolling and show some love. Thanks :-)

Just in case you aren't following my socials, I have linked them below.

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