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First Podcast!!!

I had an absolute blast talking with the beautiful and talented Laura Allen on her podcast, Hello Thoughts.

Laura interviews all sorts of interesting and inspiring people on her podcast. She loves to explore people’s thoughts, childhoods, inspirations, and dreams.

I first met Laura Allen somewhere around 2010 at a party. Our husbands grew up together and bonded over their shared love of music. At first I was intimidated by Laura’s beauty and confidence. I always admired women who looked put together, especially since I always feel like a hot mess. But I quickly fell in love with Laura’s charm. She’s is warm and funny and so easy to talk to. She asks thoughtful questions and is an awesome listener. Aside from being an awesome mom, artist, and podcast creator, Laura is also a very talented hair stylist and I do my best to book her as much as I can. Although I must admit, I am kind of the worst at keeping up with my hair!

So what did we talk about?

We started with my childhood and what it was like to grow up in the lovely Point Pleasant. Then we discussed my struggle with choosing between my two passions, horses and art. My teaching job became my middle ground because I could combine my lI’ve for teaching and art. Eventually it was my students who encouraged me to pursue my Master’s degree and art side gig. Lastly we discuss the here and now, how I juggle the world, and future daydreams.

I hope you enjoy the episode and subscribe to Laura’s podcast. Happy Listening!!!

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