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Sticker Launch!!

Stickers are here! For a long time I have been admiring artist’s stickers on Instagram and Pinterest. I needed a little freebie to throw in with my orders. Originally I was using ornaments and that became too expensive and time consuming. I needed something people would like, want, and that would be easy from me to distribute. And then it came to me, stickers! I wondered how the designs were made, could I do that? What equipment do I need? Would anyone like my paintings as stickers? So I did a test. I used polls on instagram to ask my followers what they want. Side note- Instagram Polls are an entrepreneur’s best friend.

I had a whopping 99% positive reaction to offereing stickers in my polls. So I consulted YouTube for sticker making tutorials and within hours I was on my way to creating my first design.

I used a painting that I had already made, so all I had to do was upload a photo of the painting into Procreate.

I photograph all of my artwork in bright sunlight to pull out the most of my vibrant color palette. This photo session was a particularly funny one because I was attacked by a swan moments after taking this image and my painting fell into the water! Luckily it had been sealed and floats!!! I was able to grab it right away and there was no damage.

I put the photo into procreate and used the eraser tool to remove the background from the photo. Then I created a black outline. And called it a day. I sent it to Sticker Mule and purchased the small sample pack. As soon as they arrived I was in love and knew I had more work to do. Here is the sticker design and then the final product.

So, I made a sticker, now what? I posted the sticker on IG and had an overwhelming response. I was so thrilled. I did go back into procreate to make a few little changes and then I ordered more. Once I realized how easy it was to make the stickers I knew I would be making more designs. Right now my goal is to make a new sticker to launch every month.

I would love to hear from you, what sticker designs would you like me create? Do you want to try to make your own stickers? I’m happy to help! Put your questions in the comments!

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